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J. Gilmore

“Three things that I enjoyed about Quinton’s training were he incorporated my family in the sessions, he was patient and explained each step as we went along and even after training ended, Quinton periodically checked in on how my pup was doing.” 

(Brooklyn, New York)

Dog Training in NYC

Denise G

“I like that Quinton took the time to get to know my dog. He also took the time to teach me, the owner.  I appreciated the level of knowledge, patience and consistency he exhibited. I felt supported and that I had a partner helping me to understand my dog’s behavior.” 

(New York City)

Kristen G.jpg


“I always loved that you always knew what was in the best interest of the dog and the owner.  Whether or not the owner wanted to hear it, you would tell them.  You always showed that you care about both the owner and the dog.”

(Howard Beach, New York)

Dog Training in NYC

Dominic M

“Quinton is very personable and truly wants to see you succeed with your dog. He was available for any questions or concerns and truly gave us the confidence we needed to succeed. We highly recommend Quinton to help you and your dog.” 

(Brooklyn, New York)

Dog Training in NYC

Joecee M

“Quinton was very willing to work with our schedules and make sure we were training in an environment that was comfortable for us. He was very patient and came prepared, not only with tips and tricks but an easy dummy-proof regimen for new dog owners. We built an incredible relationship with our puppy thanks to Quinton’s guidance.”


(Brooklyn, New York)

Image by Mathilde LMD

Hallie H

“Quinton was extremely flexible and professional when helping me train our dog. We did 8 full weeks at an amazing price, much cheaper than other dog trainers. My dog learned ALL of his commands. Quinton was always available to answer questions even when I didn't have a scheduled session. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Quinton as your dog trainer. You will not be disappointed!”


(Brooklyn, New York)

Bernadette C.jpg

Bernadette C

“You taught me how to teach my dog.  I learned so much about dog behavior/psychology that now I am a better dog owner than I previously was. I loved the building blocks you set out. Sit, look, then sit and stay, then sit and stay with a step away, etc.  It wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought it would be because you built each step into what you teach.”

(Long Beach, New York)

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