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Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden


12 Week Program (Levels 1, 2 & 3) - $2,879 and up*

Your puppy must complete a puppy aptitude test to determine if it will qualify as a service dog for your disability. The aptitude test will cost $175, pass or fail. Dogs who had prior professional training and know their basic commands, i.e., sit, stay, down, recall, leave it, etc., will be evaluated at the CGC level CGC Test Items – American Kennel Club ( ($175), then trained in a special eight or twelve week program for the service they will provide.



  • Therapy Dogs

  • Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD)

  • Deep Pressure Therapy

  • Assistance Service Dog (Retrieval)*

  • Assistance Service Dog (Alert)*

  • Diabetic Alert*

  • Mobility Support*


*Training prices may vary. Additional Fees will apply



What is difference between a Service Dog and a Emotional Support Animal?

Emotional Support Animal's (ESA'S) are dogs that provide a SERVICE for their owner, but do not provide a specific TASK.   Service Dogs are trained to perform a specific task or job. 

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), Emotional Support Animals can be any breed. These companion animals can help ease anxiety, depression, some phobias, and loneliness.  In order to be considered an Emotional Support Animal, you must be prescribed by a mental health professional a diagnosed psychological or emotional disorder, such as anxiety disorder, major depression, or panic attacks. A HIPPA form will be submitted  to your health care professional and documentation of your diagnosis is required before training. All information is kept confidential.


What Rights Do Emotional Support Animals Have?

Unlike service dogs owners, ESA owners have only limited legal rights and those typically require a letter of diagnosis from the owner’s doctor or psychiatrist. While they don’t have unlimited access to public spaces, the Fair Housing Act mandates “reasonable accommodations” for emotional support animals even in buildings that don’t allow pets.

As of January 2021, airlines are no longer required to accommodate emotional support animals.  

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